The New Nimbus™ AT-100 is the latest in performance protection technology designed to enhance the firefighter’s situational awareness at a fire scene. The Nimbus accurately monitors ambient temperatures surrounding the firefighter, alerting him or her of changes in temperature. It can even alert the wearer of an imminent flashover. 

Nimbus AT-100 on white helmet
The Nimbus AT-100 vibrates the side of the helmet to alert the wearer of potential danger

The Nimbus is a helmet-mounted heat sensor: it attaches to a firefighter’s helmet via a standard torch mount; it operates automatically, providing simple yet effective protection to firefighters while working at a fire scene.



Using simple-to-manage software, users can set up multiple temperature threshold points in the Nimbus. When each temperature threshold is reached, the Nimbus alerts the firefighter via green, amber, and red LED lights and at high temperatures, a  vibration to the side of the head. It also alerts fellow firefighters via additional high-brightness, smoke-penetrating LEDs. Device programming is usually completed at the station but can be set up to order (dependent on quantities ordered).

Nimbus AT-100 on helmets
Green, Amber and Red Smoke Penetrating LED Visual Indicators

Nimbus AT-100

Nimbus AT-100 GREEN
Protecting firefighters from heat-related illness and injury

Provides awareness of the temperatures surrounding you.

Know when temperatures exceed safe levels.

Vi Multi-Colour LEDs and vibration alarms notify you.

Multi-Colour LEDs notify others.

Attaches to your helmet.

Completely automatic.

Auto-on / Auto-off / Auto-record.

Uses AA disposable batteries.

Small, lightweight, robust, low cost.

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